our story

Vision & Mission

We envision a world where healthy and nutritious foods are preferable over any snacking alternative. 

We craft wholesome food products using only natural ingredients; and strive to make refreshing, delicious, and nutritious snacks which are the most desirable option available.

The Popsburgh Story

While living in Mexico and Guatemala as a young adult, our founder, Craig McCloud, was introduced to paletas and aguas frescas. These all-natural, delicious treats quickly became a go-to snack when seeking refreshment from the often-stifling hot weather. Over the years, Craig developed his own unique recipes and flavor combinations at home.

Several years ago, Craig made the decision to adopt a whole-food, minimally processed, and/or organic diet. As his overall health and fitness level improved, he found himself becoming more passionate about foods that define the intersection between healthy nutrition and desirable flavor. At the behest of his best friend (and wife, Bridget), Craig decided to turn his experience and passion into a commercial venture.

Established in 2014, Popsburgh now makes all-natural, hand-crafted, delicious frozen treats for people and dogs of all ages. We strive to use fresh, locally grown and/or sourced ingredients whenever and wherever possible.

On weekends - throughout the warmer months - you can often find our pops for sale along the North Shore Riverfront Trail, near PNC Park, or various events around the Pittsburgh area via our custom, non-motorized carts. We also have an ever-growing list of retail partners (stores, cafes, food trucks, etc.) who sell our products as well. (Check our Where To Buy page often to find retailers who carry our products.) We also provide pops for corporate events, birthday parties, fundraisers, or any other creative endeavor where you would like to provide healthful and refreshing frozen snacks. 

If you have an event where you'd like to serve our pops - or have them available for purchase - or know of a high-foot-traffic public area where we should park our cart - please send us a quick message via our Contact Us page.